Ultrasound Education

By students - for students.

Sono4You Graz

Sono4You Graz is an initiative of ultrasound interested medical students from Graz, who want to enable colleagues to make their first steps sonography.
We do this free of charge in about 80 regular courses per year, in workshops at confereces and at our Summer School for Ultrasound.

Founded in 2013

by a small group of students, who acquired their first skills with an ultrasound device and YouTube videos in a living room under a palm tree. Since then, the project has evolved through great personal effort of students and supporting physicians.


We are an independent initiative. But only the generous support of the ÖH Med Graz, KAGES, the Medical University of Graz and the company MIDES from Graz allowed us to get to where we are today.

More than 700 participants

were able to attend our courses, and have evaluated them very positively.
The high demand for our courses motivates us to enable a participation for as many students as possible.

Summer School

Since 2014, we are organising a Summer School for Ultrasound once a year.
Thanks to an elaborate concept, a high amount of hands-on time, outstanding speakers and the possibility of a participation via video conference or live stream, it has gained international prominence.

40 active student peer teachers

are currently contributing to the project voluntarily. Each year, we train about 15 new tutors according to a curriculum authored by us.


We have made it our mission to share our teaching materials and resources in the spirit of “Free Open Access Meducation” – free to use and open for further improvement. With the Summer School alone, we have reached about 50,000 people with our live-stream.

How we teach

Principles in our courses

Small groups

In small groups of 5 and without any specific prior knowledge, you can learn the basics of sonography based on standardised examinations in a friendly atmosphere.

Focusing on applicable skills

While the participants are examining each other, practical skills, such as device operation, transducer handling and image orientation are imparted.

Innovative didactics

A range of different teaching materials and resources are available for repetition and to clarify theoretical contents and demonstrate anatomical relations.

Free of charge

This course is offered free of charge and is made possible by the voluntary work of our peer teachers.